Our Snag bars are a fantastic addition to our range, compatible with all makes of alarm. They can be configured as a double bar or single bar and are also width adjustable to fit any size rod. .

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Fishing the smart way

Snag bar

Our Snag bars are a fantastic addition to our range, compatible with all makes of alarm. They can be configured as a double bar or single bar and are also width adjustable to fit any size rod.

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Fishing the smart way













Designed to work with most bite alarms.



Rubber mould to protect your rods.



Black matching and easy to fit.



Addition to the FOX bite indicator and ND tackle T10s/T11/T3pro/T4 bite indicator.



Each bar screws into the bracket separately.The Bar itself and the thumbscrews are made out of solid aluminium.


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Amazon reviews


Purchased these having nearly lost a rod margin fishing for carp. Very easy to put together, very well designed product. If you are looking for snag ears then these are the ones to get.

5.0 out of 5 stars

From Reddeva [ 07-06-2022 ]

i bought 3 off these to test them and i am actually impressed metal inside and coated in rubber , and i like how your nd bobbins and other type of nd tackle indicators magnetise on to the fitting socket adjustable snag bars which is a bonus comes with another fitting for other indicators also .

5.0 out of 5 stars

From mark hill [ 04-19-2022 ]

Rapide et de qualité au TOP

5.0 out of 5 stars

From Fabienne minet [ 12-21-2021 ]

These ND snag bars component my S9 alarms and T10 spring indicators. The snag bar mounting as built in magnetic connections for the T10s. The width is adjustable to suit any thickness of rods. I would recommend to anyone, especially if you own the ND S9 alarms.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for 1 rod setup?

Yes the above is for 1 rod

So is all the pivoting point and all the bobbin connections all made from Aluminium No plastic any where on the snag ears?

They're mixed...rubber or silicone,plastic and aluminium. I think for the price the quality is good,that's my opinion,I'm happy with them never had any problems. I bought quite a lot of items from them, bobbins, indicators,s9 bite alarm snag ears, magnetic connections for the rods and alarms...and other that i can't remember.

What bobbin fittings come with the snag ears please?

the t10 and the t11 minis fit there both magnatised so they just slip in

So the bobbin fitments is it 1 x 5mm female thread bobbin attachment and 1 x 5mm male thread bobbin attachment?

Not sure about the measurements, but the bobbins are magnetic. The snag ears I got fitted perfectly into the alarms.

Do they come any higher ?

yes they are higher

Hi do the t10 bobbins screw onto these snag ears or just clip on

there i hole in the middel of nd were your bait alarm screw in that were you out the bobbin under the bait alarm

Will these be ok for sonik sks alarms

I have ATTs and they fit really well.



ND Snag bar

ND Snag bar

6.9 GBP (RRP: 9.9 GBP )

3x P8 Magnetic butt rest

3x P8 Magnetic butt rest

12.3 GBP (RRP: 17.7 GBP )

T10s Bite Indicator

T10s Bite Indicator

8.9 GBP (RRP: 12.9 GBP )

T10s Bite Indicator


Plastic Box

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S9 3+1 set

S9 3+1 set

83.3 GBP (RRP: 119 GBP )

3 * S9 Bite Alarm

1 * S9r Receiver

1 * EVA box

4 * USB Cable

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