New Direction Tackle Products Range for carp fishing tackle .

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Smart bait boat

Why is our Boat clever and smart design wise? Because it's comfortable to handle and comes with an easy to use App. The App allows you to set and save as many spots as you want. One press on the button on the genius one hand remote controller and the boat will drive to your spots ready to bait the area and drop your rig. Experience a new level of smart bait Boat design. You have even the option to use a fully integrated smart sonar which makes all doubly smart.

Smart bite alarm

It shows that the ND bite indicator system is smart with the wide range of connection options to the accessory devices. It is fully compatible with our latest wireless standard and can interact with the bivvy light pro, H9pro & H10 Headtorch, the Smart Band B9, the air light sounder and the TH9s theft alarm. For example, it can automatically switch on your headtorch and the bivvy light in the event of a bite. Anyone who has experienced this once does not want anything else.

Smart Bite indicator

We've spent more than 3 years developing the unique spring T10, Spring that gives tension on line and enhances tight line drop bite detection, it can cover all fishing scenarios. We also have T3 bobbin and T4 carbon arm bite indicator. Check out our store for the range of bobbins and accessories.


Our carbon singles set up has now been released, ultra light carbon pieces sure to appeal to those who like their set up to look good as well as being practical and functional. When it comes to how you want to position your rods, this carp fishing rod pod—the 360—from New Direction is adjustable in almost every aspect. The front and rear pair of legs can tip forward or backwards, while the horizontal buzzer bars can also rotate in the same manner. This gives you plenty of freedom over a ‘tips up’ or ‘tips down’ set-up and helps you get settled easily on uneven ground.


Fishing is such a multi-layered pursuit that there’s always some area of it in which to do things differently. While anglers quite rightly laud companies who make advancements in rigs, bait and the tools we use to actually catch fish, there are plenty of other companies out there taking an innovative look at the other aspects of bankside life, as ND regularly demonstrates. ND magnetic rod support system will be amazing convenience.

Bank life kit

Carp fishing lends itself to long sessions as much as it does a quick overnighter. ND have a comprehensive selection of heated sleeping bag, STOVEN, Bivvy light, table and rechargeable power bank, anti-theft alarm etc. To be comfortable and safe is our target.


Good fish care is a core part of good angling. If you’re catching fish, you should be looking after them while they’re on the bank with you and fish care products are there to help with keeping carps comfortable when out of the waters. ND scadle, quick release landing net and halo bucket is one-stop solution, maximum damage caused by movement.