Our P8 magnetic butt rests give a really strong hold, but like our P11 they have a cleverly designed shape so a simple upwards motion and the two parts release easily. They fit any brand of rod too! .

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Fishing the smart way

P8 Magnetic Butt Rest

Our P8 magnetic butt rests give a really strong hold, but like our P11 they have a cleverly designed shape so a simple upwards motion and the two parts release easily. They fit any brand of rod too!

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Fishing the smart way






Aluminium & Magnet

Quick release



2 rod & 3 rod & 4 rod




Fits any brand of Rod

The magnet that is attached to the handle of your rod is held in place with a stretchy rubber strap, so it can fit any diameter of rod handle from thin shrink-wrapped versions to chunky EVA or cork grips.


A solid solution

The concept is simple, but it’s been very well executed. These are magnetic butt rests. One magnetic ‘plate’ is screwed into your bankstick or buzzer bar, while the opposite magnet is strapped to your rod to create a secure connection.


Powerful coupling

These magnets may be relatively small, but they are genuinely powerful, especially when it comes to stopping the lateral movement caused by a surging run. When you come to strike into the fish, your upward lift is enough to separate the magnetic bond quickly and easily.


Much less bulk

These magnetic setups are slimline and inobtrusive compared to traditional butt grips, making it easier to pack away your buzzer bars or banksticks into tighter spaces. The ND Magnetic Butt Rests are particularly small when compared to other butt rests designed to be rock solid.


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Amazon reviews


I actually like these they are quite strong so be of mind when picking up your rod

4.0 out of 5 stars

From Paul DMcLaren [ 09-04-2022 ]

So I bought these mag locks and whilst the magnetic locks are actually good the rubber straps that come with them to secure secure your rod are not very good. Have had 1 break already and the other 2 are showing signs of damage

4.0 out of 5 stars

From Christian windsor [ 09-02-2022 ]

Bought as my friend use the same seem great but yet to use myself

5.0 out of 5 stars

From Deano Badgio [ 09-01-2022 ]

4.0 out of 5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, will they hold your rod in place when snag fishing locked up with a strong vialent take, thanks for help.

I've used mine locked up against snags and they have done me proud,great bit of kit.

Will a heavy fish pull the rod out? I fish 40,s and sturgeon.

There solid ive caught catfish to 65 and sturgeon on them there a great bit of kit, youwont be disappointed.

what are the rubber o rings for

I purchased some last year before I went carp fishing in France, they fit on the butt of the rod and are magnetic the bottom part screws into a pod or goal post if that's what you use, I found them really useful. Good luck

How good is it in rain?

I have found great in any weather I used them n Florida on the Gulf of Mexico shark fishing from the shore and the preformed great even in heavy rain and I was able to pull the bite alarm with the magnet of during a one hour fight with a 100lb plus shark I replaced the rubber strap with a strop rubber O ring this improved the hold to the rod

Can these be attached on to s standard thread bank stick or do you need to purchase the quick release seperatly first

These can be attached to any standard thread bank stick. It comes in 3 parts, elastic strap that wraps around the butt section which connects to a very strong magnetic dish. This in turns sticks to the third part that is attached to the bank stick. It makes for a very sturdy set up and I highly recommend them. I hope this helps

The rubber o ring that is supplied what is it's purpose

I think it's purpose is to secure the rubber strap holding the butt rest to the Rod so it doesn't come out of the securing ridges either side of section fitted to handle. That's what I've used it for.

How strong are the magnets and is there a rubber coating? I can't help but think any pull from the side would cause the magnet to simply slide off

they are encased in rubber and cannot pull off the only problem i had was the strength of the magnets,if you are set up on a hard surface the pod tends to lift when you strike.i cured this with a tent peg across the rear of the pod to stabilise it.

Do you need to put the lock over it or can just leave it open?

There's 2 parts to the rest. Top part attaches to rod. Bottom piece screws into bank stick or buzz bar. So top part with what I think you are calling the lock is permanently attached to rod.

Is it possible to just buy the rubber starps for this as ive had 1 break already and the other 2 are showinh signs of damage ??

I've had the same problem, tbh... I think that ND should release a pack of replacements, as this seems to be a common issue and clearly a fault in the design. I have read online that these rubbers can be purchased from car spares stores, although how true this is, is untested by myself as of yet. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but for now my suggestion would be that... try car spares stores, because as I say, this seems to be the most popular solution offered.

Hi I purchased these from u and the rubber strap has broken how do I get replacement? Please can u help

I'm not 100% sure but I would be very surprised if you couldn't just google it and find them somewhere on the internet, like on eBay or even on here Amazon etc

I do like these my only concern is that when you lift the rod on a stike the whole pod lifts as well.

No, you do not have to worry about that my friend. Although the magnets are strong it will not lift lift your pod off the ground. Unless you have the lightest pod in the world in which case you can purchase a couple of straps which secure the pod no mater how light the pod may be or how hard you strike!! These magnetic butt rest are brilliant, I love them. :-)



3x P8 Magnetic butt rest

3x P8 Magnetic butt rest

12.3 GBP (RRP: 17.7 GBP )

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3x P11 Quick release adaptor

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3x P11 Quick Release Adaptor

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