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Amazon reviews


Perfekt wie immer

5.0 out of 5 stars

From Christian Hornen [ 09-14-2022 ]

This is not bad for the money

4.0 out of 5 stars

From Peter wright [ 08-21-2022 ]

I bought this after being stuck away from home fishing with no charger/power bank. So it was purchased from on the bank over my mobile phone from Amazon (Simple) I was half way through a weeks fishing trip and this had already arrived when I got home (Thanks Amazon). I d looked at the Ridgemonkey one which a frind lent me to get me through my week and was really impressed by it but for the pric decided to give the ND one a go. The ND powerbank was not charged by myself before testing...it arrived with charge in it. I charged my mobile phone 3 times, My Vape Battery twice and the unit was still showing 3 bars worth of power left. I then plugged in my USB fan (It was 30 degrees yesterday) and it ran the fan for 3 hrs until I saw thee unit had 1 bar of power left and decided it needed charging.......1 bars worth of charge seems to go a long way on this thing and in answer to one of the other reviews....power drop seems to be pretty uniform throughout a charge.....I d say it will charge most top end smart phones 8-10 times and still maybe have power left.

4.0 out of 5 stars

From Amazon Customer [ 08-13-2022 ]

Great product to go with the bivvy table and there other products

5.0 out of 5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times will It charge a iPhone 8

Honestly I'd say it's not worth the price it's okay bit if you're going to spend £50 on it I'd genuinely just go for a £200 beast even just for a weekend Friday to Sunday it's not that good especially if it starts raining and you fancy a movie in you're bivvy but it did last the weekend I'd say 2 and under half a charge

How many times will it charge an s20

I went out for 48hrs and charged my S9 twice and my small vape also twice. After that the battery was still showing 3 out of 4 power lights. Not sure what the drop off would be after that tbh. But was very impressed with the battery life so far.

Is this power rechargeable?

This power pack screws to the ND tackle bivvy table and is fully rechargeable via a micro usb cable on top of the power back by the power button

When will this product be back in stock

I've been waiting for this since September 2022 every month I get told 1 month we're now may 2023 . I got screwed with this bivvy table

how long does it last

I have done a couple of 48hrs charging phone and head torch and battery was still 3 parts charged

How many times will It charge a iPhone 8

Don't know don't have iPhone sorry

Does it come with a carry case?

The power bank does not come with a carry case but the bivvy table does.The power bank screew into the table and can be charged when on the table.So no need to remove it once fitted.I wouldn't be without mine good bit of kit.