Review from Total Carp magazine for NEW DIRECTION BIVVY LIGHT
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Total Carp magazine,Review

Review from Total Carp magazine for NEW DIRECTION BIVVY LIGHT

£ 49.99

Well, these guys really do not seem to do things by halves and the tech they have squeezed into their all-new bivvy light is rather impressive.Using a state-of-the-art battery they have managed to give you light for up to 200 hours on a single charge if used on the lowest setting and the battery takes only three to five hours to charge in full.
The light reacts with the ND alarms should you get a bite and the light is operated by the ND smartphone app that will enable you to change the brightness and colour of the light emitted with total ease.You can literally change the light to any colour on the spectrum at varying brightness to suit your needs.
It is rechargeable through a micro USB and comes complete with a hard protection case, charger, magnetic fixing plate and a unique swan neck attachment that will fit on to a storm pole or bank stick to light up a dark swim for night shots. Oh, we nearly forgot to mention, it is totally waterproof and is made to last the rigours of a life outdoors.