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Smart Bite Indicator OVERVIEW

Amazing Bite Indicator System

K9-Bite alarm

An easy to use, feature packed, high quality alarm, at a great price.


R9-Mini Receiver

Lightweight and compact. Control the volume, sensitivity, night light and more all remotely from your bivvy.


TH9-Anti-Theft Alarm

Our anti-theft system designed for peace of mind and safety on the bank.


Battery Pack For K9/R9/TH9

With 2400 mah of power they are sure to be a welcome addition to your armoury.


Light house for K9

Illuminated snag ears to secure your rod in place available in matching colours for the K9 Alarm.

rubber case

Rubber case for R9/K9

Protect your alarms and receiver when not in use with our purpose made rubber cases.

rubber case th9

Black Hoody with Jogger

With a classy look and discreet branding, all the items are equally at home for any casual pursuit away from the bank. Can also be used off the bank.

plastic box k9r9

Smart Bivvy Light

16 million colors, 365 different nights.

Carp fishing

New Direction Tackle LTD established

New Direction Tackle was Based in United Kingdom.We designs, innovates and offers exciting ranges of high performance fishing tackle for Carp anglers.

Carp Fishing

New Direction Tackle developed the in-house design Team

ND Tackle has put together a team of expertise to cover design, technology and performance.

We believe that a great quality product should have superior functions and superior looks.

Bite Alarm

New Direction Tackle build Test Team for all Carp fishing tackles

To keep an eye on quality and product development New Direction has listened to the voices of its customers, and identified their specific requirements and preferences. The company has designed and produced a range of exciting products for our customers with our vision of becoming the most popular brand available.

Bite Indicator

New Direction Tackle Bluetooth Carp Fishing Alarms

The world is moving fast when it comes to technology and New Direction are keeping pace.   Almost all our lives are controlled by technology. The new Carp fishing Alarm set from New Direction has undergone some radical advances to keep pace

New direction carp fishing tackle

New Direction Tackle, New Brand

In light of these advancements New Direction Tackle decided to bring to their clients these amazing products under the ND tackle brand.